The Rats Are Evolving, But So Are We

According to a recent article published by Asia One, rats are evolving unusually quickly, becoming larger and smarter than their ancestors. This article has shown that the methods used to exterminate rats in the 1990s will no longer be effective. It is now necessary to study the rats’ colonies and movements, as opposed to simply trapping them. In Singapore, these overly intelligent rats have become such a problem that many of its residents have their own horror stories about these rats. One of the most memorable ones in this article is about a man who sat down for a meal in Punggol’s Waterway Point shopping center and had a giant rat fall from the ceiling above her.


Fortunately, we at Emergency Pest Control go far beyond the traditional methods of trapping rodents. We will address the problem occurring at every level, including entry points, perimeters, nesting points, which is all determined by a full home inspection. We guarantee that this inspection will locate the true extent of any infestation. In addition to this, we will install electronic monitors and traps to ensure that there isn’t a single rat which will go undetected. We will also periodically check back to ensure that there are no signs of a recurring infestation. Rats may be constantly evolving but our methods are developing at an even faster rate.

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