Spring Time Is Here- Watch Out For Ants

Nobody enjoys sharing their home with pests, especially since they can seem to be everywhere at once. One pest that this particularly known for this is the carpenter ant, which becomes quite active in the spring. While the majority of ants are just a nuisance, carpenter ants can make their homes in the walls and floors of your home. You can even hear the sound of carpenter ants in your home, if there is a large amount of them. They will make a subtle “whirring” sound, which will seem to come out of every corner of your house. Fortunately, we have many specialists who can remove these ants at a moment’s notice.


If you call us to report an ant infestation, we can have it removed in four easy steps. We will first send over a pest management specialist to inspect your home and determine the extent of the infestation. We will then recommend a treatment option for your home and give you a cost estimate. Once you approve the charges, we’ll then send over a team to clear your home of any pests. After the initial infestation is removed, we’ll even set up a follow up plan to check and monitor your home at regular intervals to prevent the problem from occurring. Our work is extremely thorough and we can be relied upon to clear your home of ants, or any other pests which might be affecting it.