Getting Rid of Cockroaches Naturally

Cockroaches are some of the most annoying pests in a home. When they creep into your house, they will make themselves very comfortable, and getting rid of them can be a nightmare. Today, most Americans want to take care of the environment and are using green methods to eliminate pests in their homes. However, getting rid of these creepy creatures naturally is a slow and painful process.

When you use potent insecticides, you will find out that you get the results you desire within minutes, but you will be exposing yourself and your loved ones to toxic products that can cause more harm than having cockroaches in your kitchen. Going green is, therefore, a slow but sure way that will not only ensure that your family is safe, but also guarantee you that the problem will be solved permanently.

Below are some of the most effective treatments to get rid of cockroaches naturally:

Keep your home clean

Prevention is nearly always the best cure. Cockroaches are attracted to food residues, especially fats and grease, and this is the reason why you should make sure that your home is spic-and-span. This means ensuring all the counters are sparkling clean, the stovetop is as good as new, the floor is regularly swept, and no dirty dishes are left in the sink.

To efficiently prevent cockroach infestations without spending a dime on insecticides and bait traps, start a 10-15 minutes cleanup to your home, especially your kitchen and dining area.

Fix all water leaks

Cockroaches are attracted to water leaks and moisture. They can survive for months without food but only a few days without water. If you want to get rid of them effectively, why not deny them access to this vital resource? Repair even the tiniest leaks, and if you cannot find the source of the leakage, you can call a professional plumber for leak detection and repair services.

Make a natural cockroach bait

Using boric acid and powdered sugar, you can make the most potent cockroach bait that is harmless to humans. All you need to do is to create a mix of these two products and sprinkle it in places where it will attract the attention of these creatures. The powdered sugar is sweet and will lure the cockroaches, while the boric acid will do the killing. Simple!

Kill them with kindness

‘Mercy killing’ is also a great way to kill these creatures. Instead of using harmful insecticides, spray a solution of soap and water around your home. Like other insects, cockroaches breathe through their skin and the soap will suffocate them.

Keep your home as cool as you possibly can

American cockroaches spread their wings when the temperatures heat up. If you keep your house warm, they will thrive, and you might find it difficult to eliminate them entirely. Since you cannot control the weather, make sure you control the temperature of your house. Keeping it as cool as possible will ensure that the cockroaches are confined to the ground level.

Although we want to be environmentally responsible, unfortunately there are times when only the services of a professional pest exterminator, using more powerful chemicals, will get the job done. A partner of ours, Hills Pest Control, suggests contacting a professional pest control expert when the DIY pest methods have not worked.